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Join Happy Golf Online Workshop and learn how to use your mind and play better and enjoy more!

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Happy Golf Online Workshop


Want to Shave 3 Strokes or more off your golf game in 2 weeks? 


If you said yes, do you believe you can? Your mind is powerful than you think it is!  Join us and learn how to play better, enjoy more and become happier in life! 

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Solving Inconsistencies and Play Best Golf Ever in 2023!


Are you struggling with the same problems over and over?


Do you feel you should be playing better than now but cannot figure out how to improve your game to play the way you want?


PGA professional, Jeff Zurawicz and Mental golf coach, Kumiko Rodewald are here to help you play best golf ever in 2023!


This series of workshops is  unique!

Jeff and Kumiko share tips with you on how to improve your golf game and play awesome golf by focusing on a specific area of the game and incorporating mentalphysical and mechanical aspects together!

The outcomes from the workshops

  •  You become more CONSISTENT
  • You chip and putt better and more consistently, and score better
  • You hit more solid and consistent with your driver

  • You  understand more of the power of mind and play better using your mind

 Shave 2 Strokes or More off Your Game

in 2 Weeks! 

... and You Keep Improving Your Game! 

Do you want improve your game and shoot lower scores but you have no clue how to get better? 


Are you struggling and frustrated and sometimes do you even feel hopeless?


If you are, you have hope now!


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Workshop #1: Learning Mind and Putting Fundamentals

Are you struggling with putting? If you are, come to this workshop!

Date: Jan. 5th, Thursday

  • Learn the fundamentals of the mental game of golf and play better using your mind

  • Make more putts with a fundamentally sound set up, putter swing, and practice techniques

After attending this workshop...

You'll start making more putts

You'll be more confident with your putting

You'll get better at reading the line, visualizing and feeling and excuse the putt

Workshop #2: Problem Solving for Short Game


Are you tired of being inconsistent around the green? If you are, come to this workshop!

Date: Jan.19th, Thursday 
  • Learn the secrets of Happy Golf with the mental game around the green and how to lower your score

  • Gain knowledge in fundamental techniques of shots needed around the green

After attending this workshop...

You start chipping more consistent
You make better decisions and commit to the shot
You get up & down more often and score better

Workshop #3: Harmony with Your Driver


Do you get anxious with your driver? If you do, come to this workshop!


Date: Feb. 2nd, Thursday

  • The Driver is one of the top 3 most important clubs in your bag

  •  Step up on the tee with sound fundamentals that will give you confidence every time you tee it up

  •  Learn how your thought process should be and techniques on successful driver swings 

After attending this workshop...

You start hitting more fairway

Your consistency and confidence will increase

You shave more strokes with less penalty strokes off the tee

Workshop Schedule

Date: Jan. 5th, Jan. 19th & Feb. 2nd, Thursdays
Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm Pacific Time
Place: Zoom  
  • Join for one of the workshops

  • Join for two of the workshops
  • Join all three workshops (Best Value)

*Recordings are available just in case you can't make it

Hello! My name is Kumiko Rodewald. I am a mental golf coach, NLP practitioner and "golf therapist", and author of the upcoming book, Does Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear? Using Your Mind to Play Better and Be Happier in Life.

I have brought a positive influence on many golfers as a coach and a passionate, competitive golfer.

I have worked with golfers at all levels to improve their game and become happier in life using their mind. I coach golfers holistically. 


Many of my clients say they have improved their golf game and become more grounded since they worked with me.I created my unique coaching method through years of my journey as a passionate, competitive golfer. I provide her clients the opportunities to improve their golf game and become happier in all areas of life as they work with me. I love to share happy vibes with everybody around me. 

Jeff Zurawicz, a Class A PGA Professional who is Certified in Teaching and Coaching. Only 6% of all PGA Professionals hold that Certification and it is an achievement he is very proud of!

While teaching, organizing, and running golf schools all across the country, he has developed a multifaceted coaching philosophy that has grown a diverse array of students.

His strengths as an instructor include quickly identifying swing flaws and then effectively communicating corrections.

He also believes in using technology to vastly improve a players game, which enables you to achieve your golfing goals in a shorter amount of time.

You don’t have to suffer anymore!


The instructor, Jeff and Kumiko are helping you to SOLVE INCONSISTENCY WITH YOUR GAME and play best golf ever in 2023!


Please Join us!

Date: August 18th, Thursday

Time: 5:30 pm PDT

1.5 hour session on Zoom

Recording is available   (limited time)


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 Little changes for how to use your mind can make a big change! 


If you learn step by step how to play mechanically, strategically, mentally and emotionally, you will shave a few strokes off your game much easier than you think. You learn the steps in very unique way


  • Problem solving - what are you struggling the most with your game?

  •  Set crystal clear goals and make specific plans

  •  Create the strategy - course management is one of the key to play better without changing your swing

  •  You will handle emotions better. Have less stress, anxiety and fear, play better

  • Learn better basics for your swing and short game

Do you want to improve your game and lower your handicap? 

According to the research,
21% of golfers break 80 and take 5 to 10 years.
26% of golfers break 90 and take 5 years.
55% of them break 100 and take 1 to 2 years.

Do you want to get better sooner and more efficiently?
Here is the story about Collin who improve his game in few months.


Colin says...."In April 2020 my index was 17.0. By mid-summer my index was under 9.5!"

I am enthusiastically writing about how you can benefit from taking advantage of participating.


 The program covered topics so clearly helpful, I was able to demonstrably deliver a solidly better performance for the season.


Following the lessons and ideas of the program, I found myself executing shots with expected outcomes.


I was remembering more easily the layout of courses I played;  

I found myself able to identify my mistakes in execution of shots and hole strategy.   


After completing the program I was able to see how “mental” the game truly was and how that affected my performance. 


And in applying the lessons learned during the program, my level of confidence increased with each round played.


I learned how to set my intention for each shot; each hole; each round. 


 In April 2020 my index was 17.0. By mid-summer my index was under 9.5. 


The enjoyment of scoring under 85 and pursuing 80 was just a daydream prior to participating in this program.


It is absolutely one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done with respect to golf game instruction.


Kumiko is a fun, enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach with a sincere desire to help the golfer who wants that “accountability” needed to achieve their goals.


I have chosen Kumiko to be part of my “team” to help me with achieving the goal of shooting par!


Do you love golf?  You owe it to yourself to seek out Kumiko and her program to enrich your love of this great game and shoot your best scores!

Colin Yorke, NY


*Currently his handicap is 6.5

You are more capable than you think! 

You can achieve your goals faster than you think like Colin did!

If you apply all tools you learn from this workshop, you will improve your game sooner than you expect.

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This is a Unique Online Workshop!

You won't find an online workshop like this!


It's has been proven that it does work. 


The value is $500. We offer $147.  But today we offer $57

 Because we want you to improve your game and be happier for the rest of the season!



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We offer amazing gifts from both of us (Shawn and Kumiko) to you at the end of the workshop!