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Does The Golf Devil Whisper inYour Ear?

Using Your Mind to Play Better and Be Happier in Life


Are you a passionate golfer who wants to play better, but feels stuck with the same golf game and has no clue how to break free?

Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, and frustration as if the golf devil is sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear? If your answer is YES, you are not alone!

This book is short, easy, and fun to read with large print. There are stories about struggling golfers that most of you can relate to. This is a great coffee table book for golfers. Yet you will learn how to play better using your mind, and you can apply the tools the next you play golf. Also, many tools can help you live happier in daily life.

You'll learn...

  • Tools for how to boost your golf mojo
  • How to turn three shots into two and shave the strokes off on your scorecard
  • How to get in the zone, feeling autopilot and playing at your best
  • Golf tips for managing those rollercoaster emotions
  • Transform your mental golf game and unlock your untapped potential

But wait, there's more! This isn't just about better swing and lower scores – it's also a roadmap to a happier, more fulfilled life. 

 Dive into this uplifting read, reshape your golf mindset, and let the good times roll on and off the course. It's time to tee off on happiness – are you ready?

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About the Author

     Kumiko Rodewald is a unique mental golf coach who works with golfers at all levels and areas of their game. Her holistic approach focuses on the results you want—whether that’s getting on the PGA or LPGA tour, becoming a single-digit handicapper, or breaking 80.

     Does the Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear? can help you play to your potential and enjoy stress-free golf. Many clients have said that working with Kumiko is fun and has improved not only their golfing experience but also their overall happiness. The key is first learning to adjust your thinking in specific and proven ways that will consistently lower your score and your golfing worries. If you buy one golfing book this year, make sure it’s this one!

      Kumiko is a golf coach who knows that the mind plays a vital role in this sport. She teaches holistically, helping her clients to improve all aspects of their golf game by using their minds to play with intention and purpose for every shot and round.

     Known by some as a Golf Therapist, Kumiko considers golf to be more like life than a sport. Her philosophy, personality, and unique perspective have made her a competitive golfer and an extraordinary teacher. She credits great parents and a father who loved golf for the path she follows. They will always be in her heart.

Does The Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear?

-Using Your Mind to Play Better and Be Happier in Life -

Chapter 1: The Secret to Becoming a Happy Golfer

How your thoughts affect your golf game and life

Chapter 2: Magical Transformation

How I became a single digit handicapper in one year

 Chapter 3: Why Does the Little Golf Ball Drive You Crazy?

Stories about why golf drives you crazy

Chapter 4: Do You See a Pink Elephant?

How the conscious and unconscious mind works

Chapter 5: Does the Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear?

How to handle self talk on and off the golf course

Chapter 6: Every Shot Counts

Play every shot with a purpose. Power of intention

Chapter 7: Think Better, Play Better

Practical tools on how to play better using your mind

Chapter 8: Do You Hit Crappy Shots?

Everyone hits a bad shot. Lower your expectations. Play better golf

Chapter 9: Unlock the Possibilities

You are more than you think you are

Chapter 10: The Secret of Golf

The secret of golf is to turn three shots into two

Chapter 11: Get into the Zone with a Zen-Like Mind

Golf is a spiritual game. It’s like Zen. You let your mind take over

Chapter 12: Golf Is Like Life

Golf is the closest game to the game we call life


Bonus 1: Happy Golfer's Guidebook

 10 steps on How to Play Better and Lower your Score Using Your Mind 


Download if you are...

✔️struggling to shoot lower scores

✔️don't know how to improve 

✔️feels like being on the emotional roller coaster on the course

✔️no clue how to deal with playing good one day, and bad the next 


Want to Play Better and Become Happier?

Listen to 10 min Positive Affirmations with Brainwave Music any time you want to get in the positive state of mind!



Brian Jacobs

Golf Channel Academy,
Lead Instructor

Patience. Ferocity. Resilience. All are needed to be successful on the golf course and in life. Kumiko has done such a wonderful job in her book of teaching us all how we can possess and employ what is necessary to be the best version of ourselves both on and off the golf course.

Known in the industry as a “Golf Therapist” rather than a Mental Coach, Kumiko shares her life experiences and her specific resolve to difficult situations. We get an inside view of how we can positively and powerfully navigate successfully what life and golf present to us so we can be our best! Kumiko is a powerful example for us all to never stop learning or growing!


Kevin Harrington

An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank and the American entrepreneur who invented the infomercial


I’ve been working with Kumiko Rodewald to improve my mental golf game, and the experience has been unbelievable because not only did I shoot five strokes better than my goal just one day after my first session, but my handicap has gone down by about five strokes over the last few months.

Kumiko’s coaching style is unique. I wasn’t sure if she could help me on Zoom with my golf game, but it really does work! She’s helped me gain confidence and improve course management, and my swing and short game are better. I also utilize her mindset technique to slow my swing down.

So, I just want to say that Kumiko is a great coach, and I highly recommend working with her; she can help you improve your golf game the first day you use her techniques.