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Hi, I'm Kumiko Rodewald, Mental Golf Coach


Founder of Happy Golfer Happy Life


This is my Story

I am a competitive female amateur golfer. I have a 5 handicap and have shot in 60’s. Also, as a 5-time club champion at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, I have played in televised tournaments for 3 seasons in the The Albertsons Team Championship. I have attempted to qualify for US Women’s Open, and had top finishes in the state tournaments. I have devoted more than 25 years into my golf game and 10 years into coaching of mental golf with my clients. I have coached new golfers, average golfers, junior golfers, college golfers and budding professionals who gave they’re all to play on PGA tour.

My coaching has brought positive influence to more than 5,000 rounds of golf through my mental golf coaching system that I created from the experience as a coach and a passionate golfer.

But what you may not know about me is that I wasn’t a great golfer at all! I actually did not like golf although I grew up in the golf family. My father was in the golf business in Japan and US, as he built and owned golf courses. He is the founder of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Oregon. I was pretty athletic and I was a competitive tennis player growing up, but I thought golf is such a boring sport yet it frustrated me so much! I didn’t start playing golf seriously until I was in my late 20’s. One day I decided to get better at golf and set the goal to become a single digit handicapper in one year. It was a very crystal clear goal. I didn’t know how difficult to become a low handicapper and I 100% believe that anybody could be a good golfer if they practiced and played almost everyday for a year. My handicap went down to 7 in one year as I believed and visualized!


At the time I had health issues and was left feeling lost. I was looking to find the answers that would help to be able to get back on top. And I started the soul searching journey. I learned phycology, law of attraction, zen, meditation and mindfulness and anything helped me to find who I was. I found NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Reiki (Japanese energy healing method) and became certified so I could use these technique in my own golf game as well as coaching others. Reiki has helped the golfers to balance the state of mind to help them perform better. Also it has helped the golfers for pain relief. I have had amazing personal experiences using these methods – one of the best was when I broke 70 after using NLP. Not only did I break 70, but I shot 3 under less than a month after!


As I went through the process of learning golf as not a natural talented golfer, improved my game in a short period of time and became a competitive amateur golfer, I understand the golfer’s struggles at any levels. And I love to help others which is my nature.  I decided to train the golfers sharing the knowledge I learned from my soul searching journey that helped me to grow as a person as well as becoming an advanced golfer.  Golf is my passion, and as a struggled golfer myself I understand the challenges that golfers have. I truly believed that this is my calling.

Many of my clients say they have improved their golf game and become more grounded with their experience of golf. Using Happy Golfer Happy Life Method that I created through years of my journey as a passionate competitive golfer I provide my clients the opportunities to improve their golf game but also become happier all areas in life as they work with me. I love to share happy vibes with everybody around me!

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As one of the owners of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club which is one of the top rated golf courses in US and has hosted many USGA, PGA and LPGA tournaments, I have had many opportunities to meet wonderful people in golf community and improve my golf game very quickly. I became a 7 handicapper from an average women golfer in one year. I would love to share with you how you improve your game through mental coaching and also became a happier person in daily life.

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